Oksounds is an esteemed online platform delivering quality Music & Entertainment to happy music lovers in Nigeria and in the diaspora. Our Mission is to become the Best Online Portal delivering fresh Nigerian & Foreign Content to Nigerians home & abroad. Oksounds covers almost all Entertainment forms ranging from Music, Video, Nigerian & Foreign Entertainment News.
Oksounds is the premiere and most visited online platform that delivers spankin g new Nigerian hip-hop/contemporary music, videos and music content daily to Nigerians by exposing remarkable artists and their materials from the fast growing Nigerian Music industry to Nigerians around the world.

Oksounds started off as a way for musicians to share recordings but eventually spread out to be so much more, now utilizing technology that allows musicians to collaborate, promote and share their music as well as allowing listeners to find new music to listen to. The most unique thing about Oksounds.com is the way it displays the songs in waveform, allowing the user to listen to certain pieces/gossip or even stop and comment on specific points of a track (timed comments). Recognized more as a distribution tool than a listening tool, Oksoundscom still does both magnificently.Not only do you get songs to match what you feel, but you get to discover new music in the process.