Raekwon_Feat_Cee-Lo Green__ Marvin #oksounds

Raekwon celebrates the life and music of Marvin Gaye as we enter the anniversary of the singer’s life and death.

Marvin Gaye was born April 2, 1939. He died April 1, 1984. Therefore, the beginning of April is always a time to reflect on the legacy of the influential songwriter. Raekwon, who just released his studio album, The Wild, has shared “Marvin,” a tribute to the late legend as we experience the anniversary of his birth and death.

The song originally appeared on The Wild but has now been shared for free stream on SoundCloud, accompanied by a quote from Gaye from NME circa 1982.

“I don’t make records for pleasure. I did when I was a younger artist, but I don’t today. I record so that I can feed people what they need, what they feel. Hopefully, I record so that I can help someone overcome a bad time.”

Cee-Lo, a singer whose work has undoubtedly been influenced by Marvin, supplies the soulful hook. Meanwhile, Raekwon’s verses describe the often tragic life of the great talent all the way up to his shocking death at the hands of his father, Marvin Gay Sr.

Quotable Lyrics:

This little boy quickly became a man

From blowing in his father’s church

To making his own band

Called the Moonglows

Sensational with his vocals

That drove the ladies crazy

Panties got thrown at his shows

But he was far from happy

He wore a smile just to hide it behind them doors

Him and his father constantly colliding


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